Workplace Recycling in Wales

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Frequestly Asked Questions

When will the changes to workplace recycling in Wales be enforced?

Originally, the plans were scheduled to take effect from October 2023. However, the Welsh Government has recently updated the implementation date to April 6, 2024.

Will businesses need to acquire additional services when the changes are implemented?

It is the responsibility of waste producers to ensure compliance with the new legislation. If your business generates a mix of recyclables, we will provide a variety of services to meet your site’s waste requirements.

What materials need to be recycled?

There are six waste streams that need to be separated ,stored and collected separately as detailed below. The materials requiring separation for collection are as follows:

  1. Food – for premises producing more than 5kg of food waste a week
  2. Paper and card
  3. Glass
  4. Metal, plastic, and cartons
  5. Unsold textiles
  6. Unsold small waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE)

What if I can’t accommodate more containers at my site?

We are fully prepared to accommodate all our customers’ needs when the changes become effective. We currently offer containers in various sizes and will make every effort to find a suitable solution for your site.

How will this be collected?

We recognise that our customer waste generation levels vary. Therefore, we will offer different collection frequencies and a range of container options, including bags, to cater to all waste volumes.

What happens if I do not comply with the legislation?

Fixed Monetary Penalties (FMP): Any organisation found to be non-compliant with the separation requirements will be liable to receive Fixed Monetary Penalties (FMP) for each instance of non-adherence. There will be heavy penalties for non-compliance (see table below), for both operator and occupiers of the business.

OffenceProposed Fixed Penalty
An occupier of non-domestic premises in Wales fails to present waste for collection (whether by a waste collection authority or by any other person) in accordance with the applicable separation requirements.£300
An occupier of non-domestic premises in Wales discharges food waste, or knowingly causes or permits food waste to be discharged, to the sewer.£300

How will Lili Waste Services be able to help?

We are offering flexible container options in bags or bins with regular scheduled collections to suit your requirements.

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