Waste Management

At Lili Waste, our local waste management teams work to provide comprehensive solutions to local businesses and organisations.


We are an independent waste management service, and we can offer you professional solutions at an exceptionally cost-effective rate.  When you work with us, we can save you a minimum of 20% on the cost of your current waste management services.

Working to meet the needs of all our clients on an individual basis, we offer tailored services to assist with the management, storage, collection and disposal of waste. We work with clients across a range of sectors to help them deal with all types of waste.

The professional services we offer include:

  • Collection of all types of waste from all types of containers
  • Waste management consultancy services
  • Full waste audits
  • Expert advice on the latest waste regulations
  • Extensive coverage across London, Sheffield, Hull, Leeds, Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent.


"Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, this process also helps our clients make significant reductions to the cost of their waste management."


Recycling services

We work to help all of our clients increase the volumes of waste they recycle.  Why?  The benefits of recycling are not only environmental, they are also financial.

As part of our waste management consultancy services, we can offer you the expert advice you need to ensure your business is sorting and separating its waste in compliance with the requirements of relevant waste regulations. Through working to correctly store waste, our clients can easily ensure that recyclable or recoverable materials are not committed to landfill and instead are recycled.

Aside from the obvious environmental benefits, this process also helps our clients make significant reductions to the cost of their waste management.  Through recycling larger volumes of their waste, our clients also reduce the levels of waste which are sent to landfill.  This allows them to significantly reduce the landfill costs, helping them to save money.



Why use us?

   Independent waste company
   Local Employer
   Free bins for all customers
   Reliable collections
   Low cost
   Exceptional customer care
   Aim for zero landfill

Waste Collections

Our waste collection services operate to provide our clients with the professional and reliable services they require.  We utilise the local knowledge of our local collection teams to ensure we provide the most efficient waste collection services possible, reducing our costs and allowing us to pass great savings on to our clients.



Our waste collection services can guarantee you:

  • Collection of all types of waste
  • A consistently reliable service
  • Collection from all types of containers
  • Daily, weekly or fortnightly collections

If you are looking for cost-effective waste collection services that you can rely on, we can provide the services you need.

Just call our nationwide sales team today on 0800 1777 676*.  We can offer you a free, no-obligation quotation on the services your business or organisation requires.


Our Coverage Area

We have depots and trucks servicing the London, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Portsmouth, Southampton and Kent area. Please consult the map below to see if your area is covered too!