Waste Sectors

From Glass waste to food waste, Lili Waste Services can help your business save at least 20% on their waste management costs.


Our Waste Services



Our Industrial Waste Management team can provide a full audit on your waste needs and provide solutions to reduce this cost. New clients on average are saving around 20 percent on their current providers costs.


Medical institutions are under increasing pressure to provide more services whilst reducing their costs. Using our services can certainly help reduce your bills by reducing your medical waste removal costs.



Following a full, free of charge, waste audit our team will advise on the right waste management strategy, working with you to ensure you have the correct bins and that the schedule works with your company needs.



Whether you’re a small shop, large retail outlet or a chain of retail outlets, these days you can’t afford to ignore how you manage your waste. In fact by reducing your retail waste that is sent to landfill, you can reduce your waste collection costs and improve your carbon footprint.


Whether you’re a hotel, restaurant, take away or sandwich shop, our range of waste management & recycling services is tailored to your business.



Hotels must abide by strict laws pertaining to the collection of certain waste. Lili Waste Services is an approved provider, licensed to collect and dispose of your hotel waste in accordance with the relevant regulations.



Lili Waste Services can provide your business with recycling collections for various materials, including paper/cardboard, glass and plastic bottles, mixed glass and also cans. 


We can offer you a free, no-obligation quotation on the services your business or organisation requires. And it’s not just the large nightclubs, hotels or restaurants that we’ve been able to make significant savings for, businesses of all sizes will benefit from pricing.