Our Bins

At Lili Waste, we collect all types of waste from businesses and organisations from a wide range of different sectors.


 Whether you need to dispose of hazardous waste types such as waste oil and clinical waste, or you are looking for a service to collect general waste and recyclable materials from your premises, we can offer the solutions you need.

When you partner with our professional waste management services, we will provide you with a free commercial waste bin.

We can provide a range of bins and containers to help our clients safely store a wide variety of waste types on site.  The bins and containers we can provide to our clients include the following, just click on a title below for bin sizes:


Bins we supply:

✔   240 litre wheeled bins
✔   360 litre wheeled bins
✔   660 litre wheeled bins
✔   1100 litre wheeled bins
✔   Rear-end loaders
✔   Skips and closed skips
✔   Roll-on-off containers

Bin bags

240L wheeled bin


660/1100L wheeled bin


360L wheeled bin

Mini, midi & large skips


Rear end loader


Closed skip


Bin bag dimensions

41cm x 86cm
max weight: 10 kilo


Wheelie bin dimensions

Capacity 240 litres 360 litres 660 litres 1100 litres
Height 1.07m 1.07m 1.16m 1.29m
Width 0.53m 0.62m 1.24m 1.20m
Depth 0.57m 0.85m 0.77m 1.07m

Skip dimensions

Capacity 6yd 8yd 12yd
Height 1.2m 1.2m 1.7m
Length 2.9m 3.8m 3.7m
Width 1.8m 1.8m 1.8m

Rear-end-loader (REL) dimensions

Capacity 6yd 8yd 10yd 12yd 14yd 16yd
Height 1.34m 1.41m 1.50m 1.77m 1.85m 1.85m
Length 3.25m 3.25m 3.84m 3.84m 4.15m 4.64m
Width 1.81 1.81m 1.81m 1.81m 1.81m 1.81m

Roll-on Roll-off (RORO) dimensions

Capacity 15yd 20yd 25yd 30yd 35yd 40yd
Height 1.27m 1.6m 2.1m 2.4m 2.7m 2.8m
Length 6.0m 6.0m 6.0m 6.0m 6.0m 6.0m
Width 2.5m 2.5m 2.5m 2.5m 2.5m 2.5m