Lili Waste successfully expanded to Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent making Waste Management better there too.

Over the last few months Lili Waste services has worked hard behind the scenes in expanding her services to Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent. Initially, Lili Waste was improving waste management in the Leeds, Hull and Sheffield area but recently made a significant investment in the Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent areas as well, and we’re very excited about it!

With the expansion of Lili Waste we welcome our new Sales Manager, Ian Lewis-Johnson.

Ian has years of experience in the Waste Management industry and is eager to further develop and spread the Lili experience of innovative Waste Management solutions and excellent customer care to new and existing customers.

“Joining Lili Waste Services Ltd has proven to be an exciting time for me. Lili Waste is a company that shows complete commitment to providing a service that reduces the amount of waste that is going to landfill across the country at this present time. Businesses in the area have welcomed the fresh approach to waste management and the local personal service offered by Lili Waste Services.

I can see that Lili Waste will continue to grow, introducing new innovative ideas that will reduce waste to landfill and also add value to customers and their communities. Providing an excellent and personal service to all of its customers. I only see exiting times ahead and am thrilled to be part of such a customer focus company.”

Besides Ian, Lili Waste also welcomes our new sales representatives who will be ready to handle all your sales questions faster than you can say the word ‘bin’.

Georgie Thompson for the Southampton area.

Richard Northey covering the Portsmouth area.

Louise Godden for the West Kent area.

Sharon Everard handling the East Kent area.

Steve Webster for the Leeds area.

Our new waste depots won’t be doing much without trucks so we’re very happy with the acquisition of 5 new trucks as well. Trucks need drivers too off course so here we welcome them. Say hello, when you see them passing by.

Richard covering the Southampton and Portsmouth area.

Martin driving along the Kent area.

Tim for the Kent area as well.

As Ian already indicated we are all very excited about our recent expansion to the Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent area and about introducing the Lili Experience there as well.

If you have a business in the area of Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Southampton, Portsmouth or Kent and interested about how we can lower your costs while improving your customer service experience and commercial waste handling. Please send an email to or give our sales team a call on 0800 1777 676. You will receive your free quote asap and we will be delighted to answer any question. No strings attached off course.

Lili Waste Services. Making Waste Management better.

How to reduce food waste in your restaurant

In a world where food scarcity is around at many places and environmental problems are challenging our society we have a moral and ethical duty to reduce our food waste. A typical figure you often hear when it comes to food waste in restaurants is 10%. Although a little bit of food waste will always be inevitable there are good ways to reduce your waste significantly and position yourself amongst the restaurants with little to zero waste. It will not only make you and your guests happy, it will save you money too! So, how can you cut back on your food waste? In this blog I will give you 10 easy tips that will enable you to cut back waste and utilize your food resources more efficiently.

1.       Rethink your portion size

A lot of waste simply happens when your guests don’t finish their plates. When this frequently happens, you may want to start monitoring the events. For example, if this happens to specific dishes, people and or days. Subsequently you may want to reconsider your portion size to avoid this food waste in the future.

2.       Get creative with leftovers

Food left overs can happen on many occasions. During the preparation of the meal or after serving it to the guests. Left overs that originate in the kitchen may be re used for other dishes. Get creative! Maybe those egg whites are perfect for a cocktail? Or maybe you can make a great staff meal out of it?

Left overs that arise from the guests may be a delicious treat to animals. You see, there can be a use for anything!

3.       Know what you really need

A lot of future food waste occurs when ordering at the specific vendors as Chefs frequently order to much. A good way to avoid this is by monitoring your traffic to get a better sense about how much food you really need. Also, don’t be afraid to run out of various ingredients. A lot of Chefs have the feeling that guest satisfaction may drop significantly when certain plates are not available anymore. However, guests will understand that fresh ingredients are not unlimited available and when you can offer them a delicious alternative no harm will be done. They will know for sure it’s fresh!

4.       Inspect your food orders

Following our tip about knowing what you need when ordering food at vendors it’s also very important to strictly check your orders when they arrive at your restaurant. Frequently vendors will make mistakes or deliver samples that are of no use to you. Be firm and return anything that won’t be of good use to you.

5.       Improve your knife skills and limit batch cooking

Make sure your staff is thoroughly trained in how to chop, cut and prepare the food to maximize the yield of every single piece. A lot of food waste simply occurs because of poor cutting or use of ingredients.

Adding to this, you may also want to consider limiting the amount of batch cooking. We know it may be very useful to prepare batches to realise quick response times but when batches are not completely used they usually end up in waste. A creative way to use left-over batches may be to offer them as Staff Meals!

6.       Label your food

It may sound like common sense and is even legally obliged in some cases but it’s a very good practice to label all your food when it arrives at your restaurant. This will enable you to use the food with the shortest shelf-life first and wait with others.

7.       Maximize shelf life

Adding to our previous point this may seem like common sense too. However, far too often this goes wrong and may result in unnecessary food waste. Make sure your food is being stored under the right conditions and at the right temperature. This will maximize your shelf life and allow you to limit your waste.

8.       Donate excess food

When confronted with excess food that can’t be used for guests anymore you may consider donating it to charities or other organisations. Almost all the time the food is still very good to use!

9.       Consider composting

If left overs can’t be used for other dishes, staff meals or for animals as discussed earlier you may want to consider composting it.

10.      Encourage guest to take leftovers home.

Taking excess food home is becoming more and more popular these days, especially when you encourage your guests to do so. Many guests will be delighted to accept your offer when you say that you’re more than happy to put their left overs in a box for them to take home. No food waste, happy guests and you just saved money on waste. What a way to go!

These tips where offered to you by Lili Waste Services. Lili Waste offers unique Waste Management services in Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Portsmouth, Southampton and Kent area for a greener future. For more information about our services or how we may be of help please consult our website: or send an email to

Volvo FE is miles better for Lili Waste

Lili Waste Services’ founder and Chairman, Matt Miles, is passionate about creating a greener future. Therefore, when it came to selecting vehicles for the collection of trade and commercial waste in Sheffield, Hull and Leeds, he had little hesitation in turning to Volvo dealer Crossroads Truck & Bus, Birstall and the Volvo FE.

"I have dealt with Crossroads Truck & Bus in the past and they have always proved themselves to deliver what I've needed and then they've backed that up with excellent service thereafter," says Matt. "As such, when Lili waste was incorporated just last year and we needed safe, reliable, highly-manoeuvrable vehicles boasting excellent fuel efficiency and environmental values similar to our own, it was a fairly logical step to look to Volvo and Crossroads Truck & Bus."

The initial Volvo FE 6x2 rigid truck with steered tag axle specified by the company is now on the road, working double-shifts, six days per week. A second truck of the same specification is due to be delivered in January 2016 and Matt is already looking further ahead and to the Volvo Tridem configuration, which he believes could perfectly suit the expanded aims of Lili Waste.

Powered by a Volvo D8K engine producing 280hp and up to 1,050Nm of torque the Volvo FE features a day cab and air suspension on the rear and is fitted with an Allison 6-speed automatic transmission as requested by the body builder, Incomol.

The Incomol body has a 23m3 capacity, which takes the Volvo FE right up to its 26-tonne GVW when fully loaded. "Over a double shift the Volvo FE is collecting trade and commercial waste from some 250 wheeled containers from 240-litre capacity up to what we call skips with a 12.2m3 capacity," says Matt. "This equates to approximately 20 tonnes/day, not one ounce of which goes to landfill," he reiterates.

"Trucks for us really are just a means to an end," adds Matt. "Our business is about trade and commercial waste, about finding solutions for our customers that require zero landfill and through offering great service and value for money. All that said; I appreciate that to achieve this we need vehicles and the Volvo FE with the Incomol pusher 4000 body is proving to be a capable enabler in achieving our goals."

"The truck will only cover about 100,000km/year, but every one of these will be highly demanding and intense with a work cycle of stop-start-idle repeated hundreds of times every day," says Matt.

"With a 5-year Volvo Gold R&M contract and the inherent reliability found with Volvo trucks I am confident in the Volvo FE. I am certainly very happy with the truck that's been delivered and the service from Crossroads Truck & Bus Birstall has been seamless," he concludes.

Lili Waste's drivers are full of praise for the new acquisition too, telling Matt that the Volvo FE is very comfortable, the all-round visibility is great and the manoeuvrability is ‘spot on'

Lili launches fortnightly domestic collections in Southampton

Hampshire waste management specialist Lili Waste is adding another tier to its business by launching domestic collections. Following the announcement that from June Southampton residents will only have their bins collected every fortnight, Lili Waste is introducing household collections for the city.

Lili Waste is already a leader in commercial waste collection for businesses with depots in Yorkshire and Kent. It launched in Hampshire last February by opening a £1 million depot in Eastleigh.

Lili Waste owner Matt Miles said the launch of domestic collections was in response to growing demand, particularly in Southampton.

Miles said: “I’m delighted to announce the launch of our domestic collections service in Southampton. We have had a great response and healthy order stream in already.

“We have become an industry leader in trade waste and have a strong reputation for being greener and smarter.

“Because there is such a need in cities such as Southampton and Portsmouth, we are diversifying our business to include household waste collections.

“There is no doubt that people struggle to cope with fortnightly collections and we are offering them a cost-effective and hassle-free collection service that may make their lives that little bit easier.”

Lili Waste is offering to supply a 240-litre bin for £260 per annum – or £5 a week. The service is not just for refuse but can also include recycling.

Papped! Bin wagon spotting could be the next new craze!

Lili Waste welcomed its newest member of our fleet last week, offering Business waste services and an hour after we picked her up, she was already on social media! Our facebook page pinged as a member of the public spotted the newly named “beast” servicing some of the waste containers we have at Bramley Shopping Centre for waste management and recycling there .

Train spotting? More like commercial waste truck spotting! Keep your eyes peeled for our vehicles and give our drivers a wave! Give us some bin truck love ...

Still wondering if Lili Waste can help your business optimise its waste management, get in touch with us now, or take the waste test at

Duty of Care Waste Transfer Notes….. what’s the point?

As the end of March is approaching, we have re-issued all of our Duty of Care documents to our customers. I want to use this blog to emphasise the importance of the Duty of Care document and the purpose of it within the waste management process.

“A Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note (WTN) is a document that must be completed when waste is transferred from one party to another. If a Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note is not completed during the transfer of waste you are almost certainly breaking the law and could face a fine. A Duty of Care Waste Transfer Note ensures there is a clear paper trail from when the waste is produced until it is disposed of. You must keep your waste transfer notes for at least two years and be able to produce them on demand to the Environment Agency or local authority”.

So, in a nutshell, this document is vital for the waste management for your business and you can be closed down without it. Please store it safely, also note that we do file a copy of it on our records Unlike a lot of the waste companies out there, Lili Waste is the only one of the multi depot companies that supply this free of charge for Business Waste producers.

If you have any questions or want to see how Lili Waste can improve your Business, please get in touch on or call us on 0845 50 50 500.

What do our customers think about us?

So what do our customers think about us? Well there is only one way to find out, we asked them!

“Lili Waste have been a pleasure to work with. Right from the start they set up our account with ease and were accommodating to our needs. Having multiple venues, we occasionally require additional services to which Lili Waste would arrange accordingly with no hassle.

The customer service is excellent and I’m more than satisfied with the service we receive and the waste management plan we have in place. I would certainly recommend Lili Waste.”

Steffi Mustard – Bar Fibre, Leeds

 “Incentive FM contacted Liliwaste back in September 2016 with the setup of a new building. Hannah was incredibly helpful and managed to get our services in place very quickly and have maintained an extremely strong service level ever since. The waste is collected regularly and they have never missed a lift. Due to the nature of our business we have needed to secure extra uplifts at very short notice and Liliwaste have reacted quickly and efficiently to extra lift requests we have required. Due to the excellent service levels received we will be looking at introducing Liliwaste to other buildings we currently operate at”

Nikki North - Regional Manager, Incentive FM

As a Site Manager of an Academy managing 1800 staff and students waste disposal is a very large element of the running the Site from day to day. I approached Lilli Waste with the requirements of our School to which they were very accommodating, need I say the logistics of such a site are both diverse and demanding. From initial site visits to arranging delivery of skips and recycle bins I was always kept aware as to what was happening and when. We continue to receive a prompt and reliable service and when required adaptive to our needs.

The Staff have always been approachable and there to help when needed.

Arron Davis – Site Manager, Ilkley Grammar School

Get in touch today, and see how Lili Waste can streamline your waste management.


Lili Waste welcomes the Safecontractor Accreditation


We're pleased to announce that Lili Waste has been awarded the accreditation from Safecontractor for our ongoing commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety. Our application for the Safecontractor accreditation was driven by the need for a uniform standard across the business and to protect our employees and those of our customers when working on site. 

The safecontractor scheme is used by many large organisations as a way of identifying a suitable and competent contractor. With more than 350 major clients and over 30,000 contractor members, safecontractor is one of the fastest growing health and safety assessment schemes in the UK. 

Our Operations Manager, John Hopkins , had this to say about achieving the accreditation: 

“This accreditation marks an important milestone for us. It enables us to demonstrate to our customers that when we say we’re committed to quality, we mean it. The accreditation re-enforces our commitment to protecting the well-being of our employees and our customers’ employees.” 

Safecontractor is a leading third party accreditation scheme, which recognises high standards in health and safety management amongst UK contractors. Large organisations cannot take the risk of employing a contractor that is unable to demonstrate a high standard of working. The accreditation will serve to reassure any new customers that we understand the importance and value of adopting good risk management strategy. 

To qualify for the Safecontractor scheme, we underwent a vetting process to examine our health and safety procedures and our track record for safe practice. We were able to pass this vetting process, meeting the high standard required to be included on a database of accredited contractors accessible to registered users only via the website - 

Organisations that sign up to the scheme can access the database to vet potential contractors before they even set foot on site. These clients agree that, as users of the scheme, they will engage only those who have received the safecontractor accreditation. 

We are pleased that as a result of being awarded this accreditation, we not only reassure existing customers, but will also have increased opportunities to work with new customers that find us on the database.

Lili Waste invests £1m in new Hampshire operation as it challenges businesses to “Take the Waste Test”

Waste management specialist Lili Waste is challenging businesses to cut costs and help limit the amount of rubbish sent to landfill as it announces a new depot serving Southampton and Portsmouth.

The company, already a success story in Hull, Sheffield and Leeds, has invested £1m in a new operation with a depot in Eastleigh - creating jobs and giving businesses an independent alternative to established rivals in the region.

Lili Waste is marking its launch in the south with a “Take the Waste Test” campaign, urging businesses to think about how much of their waste could be ending up in landfill, while also finding out whether they are overpaying for their waste collection services.

Lili Waste, which estimates that it is usually around 20% cheaper that its rivals, has committed to collecting Dry Mixed Recycling, which can be sent off to plants to be turned into environmentally-friendly Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF).

Cost pressures, the falling pound and increases in fees have led to fears that some waste operators will not seek to renew existing arrangements with RDF providers, leading to a rise in the amount of waste going to to landfill sites.

Managing director and Lili Waste owner, Matt Miles, said: “A rise in the amount of waste going to landfill, as recyclable waste mixed with general waste, is a real problem that could have serious environmental consequences – and it’s a problem that many businesses will be unaware of.

“At Lili Waste we are completely committed to the continued collection and recycling of dry mixed recyclable waste, and totally opposed to the use of landfill.

”Trade waste isn’t very glamorous and as long as the bins are emptied each week it’s easy for a business to just let a contract roll without challenging their provider or investigating what the other options are. Large waste management companies take advantage of this and charge extra for their services just because they can.

“These costs are especially pertinent for small and medium sized business who are still operating in a tough economic climate and where such savings go straight to the bottom line.”

Lili Waste will offer every company which Takes the Waste Test a full waste audit to help them cut waste and find the greenest and most cost-effective package for them.

Matt Miles said: “We have devised the Take the Waste Test campaign to encourage companies to look at how their waste is handled while making a positive impact on the environment and on their own bottom line.

“Really it’s not a question of why you should Take the Waste Test – it’s a case of why wouldn’t you?”

He added: “We are delighted to be making this investment in the region, creating employment and offering businesses a credible alternative to larger rivals.

“We put the customer at the heart of everything we do, and our feedback from existing companies is that it is customer service as well as cost that sets us apart from others.

“We are very much looking forward to playing our part in the success of the region’s economy and making a positive impact on the business community in Southampton and Portsmouth.”

To “Take the Waste Test” visit

The Zero Waste Wedding

Perhaps for friends of Nick Kordesch, it came as no surprise when they received their hand-written invitations to an ‘eco-friendly, waste-free wedding’. That is, if they knew he was the sustainability coordinator at San Francisco State University. Marrying Hazel Perry, the couple declared their’s the “Zero Waste Wedding”.

The Frozen Food Failure

Confusion is a word which we continue to use when it comes to discussing the causes of food waste. Whether it’s misinterpretation of sell-by, use-by or best-before dates, or what can be reheated and used again, the outcome is always the same: more of our food ending up in the bin.