Waste Management Quotes

When Lili Waste started operating 3 years ago it’s mission statement was clear. To provide the cheapest and most reliable waste management service while maintaining the highest service standards. The new Lili approach didn’t go unnoticed and over the last few years the company has been expanding rapidly now serving over thousands of happy customers every single day!

With our recent expansion into London, Lili Waste is now proudly operating in London, Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent. But how about our incredibly low rates that everyone is talking about? How do we do it?


Waste management starting at £7 per bin!

Our rates start as low as £7 per bin and we are proud of that! It’s the result of a streamlined operation and having full control over our depots and trucks. No we are not a broker who needs to add fees to your quotes and you enjoy that difference!



We have a quote for all Waste Management Solutions

Whether you need a quote for Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR), General waste, Food waste or any other type of business waste that needs low waste management quotes and a reliable service, Lili Waste will be able to offer you a quote you cannot refuse.


Get your quote the same day, have your bin the next day!

When you request your quote between 0900 and 1700 our sales team will make sure you will receive your quote that same day! All our quotes are free and there are no strings attached. If you don’t like our quote we won’t be chasing you! It’s completely up to you. However, if you do like our quote and wish to make use of our waste management service we can deliver your bin already the next day! That’s almost faster than you can say the word bin :-)


Welcome to the Lili Experience!