Lili Waste safeguards commercial waste services in Havering

Lili Waste has invested £1m in Rainham for the continuity of services and to create employment.

Lili Waste, a prominent waste management company, is proud to announce a significant investment of £1m in the establishment of a new depot in Rainham.

This milestone development comes on the heels of Lili Waste securing a lucrative waste contract in Essex, where the company has acquired trade waste contracts from the local municipal waste supplier.

This strategic move has paved the way for the launch of Lili Waste’s eighth waste site.

Lili Waste, with a proven track record of serving clients across various regions, including London, Essex, Kent, Hampshire, Yorkshire, and South Wales, understands the challenges associated with waste disposal.

Unreliable collections, missed pickups, and the frustration of dealing with incorrect bins are common issues in the industry.

However, Havering’s commercial waste collection is now in capable hands as Lili Waste successfully completed the acquisition of the area’s trade waste business from the council’s existing municipal waste supplier. This created and saved many jobs.

The acquisition of these contracts has led to the establishment of Lili Waste’s eighth depot, strategically located in Rainham, Essex, just off the A13.

This new addition complements the company’s existing depots in Paddock Wood, Tonbridge, Canterbury, Southampton, Cardiff, Sheffield, Leeds, Hull, and South London.

Matthew Miles, the owner of Lili Waste, said: “This expansion not only strengthens our presence in East London and Essex but also assures businesses in Havering of a seamless transition in commercial waste collection. We know the importance of maintaining business as usual and minimising disruptions during this transition period operating in the area from 2am to 11pm and delivering service excellence.”

The contractual agreement covers Romford and extends as far as areas like Abridge in the North and Rainham in South Essex.

This investment includes state-of-the-art vehicles equipped with 360-degree CCTV, live reporting back to the head office in Tonbridge, and advanced driver safety management.

Comprehensive range of services

Lili Waste offers a comprehensive range of services for business waste collection:

  • Trade and recycling sacks
  • Wheelie bins ranging in size from 240 litres to 1,100 litres
  • 100 % zero landfill
  • Free site waste audits
  • Next-day bin service
  • Waste management consultancy services
  • Expert advice on the latest waste regulations and recycling
  • Serving Havering
  • In Havering, specific waste collection services include glass waste and dry mixed recycling, in addition to general waste and food waste recycling.

Matthew said: “Romford, the major metropolitan centre of Havering, is one of the largest commercial, retail, entertainment, and leisure districts in East London, boasting a robust and well-developed economy. With more than 7,000 businesses in Havering, Lili Waste is dedicated to providing top-tier business waste services.”

Lili Waste’s services extend to various areas, including Romford, Hornchurch, Harold Hill, Collier Row, Rise Park, Upminster, Gidea Park, Ardleigh Green, Bulphan in the East, Abridge to the North, and Rainham and Wennington to the South.

Impressive recycling rates

Lili Waste takes pride in its impressive recycling rates and actively collaborates with other contractors to maintain a zero landfill commitment.

The company has a strong partnership with disposal experts Corys, specialising in bulk waste transfer for energy generation.

This partnership is set to expand further as part of the new contract, ensuring that waste collected in Havering is efficiently recycled.

Matthew concluded: “All the waste we collect in the Havering area will be turned into electrical energy via waste2energy facilities, reducing the environmental impact of waste disposal.”

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