Benefits of having Lili Waste for your Business Waste

Businesses of all sorts rely daily on Lili Waste for their business waste collections in Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent. Over the last 3 years Lili Waste has moved from a brand new company to a recognized force in the industry, turning the heads of it’s competitors by offering the best customer and collection service against the lowest rates. Many people have already switched to Lili Waste and today we are going to share with you the benefits of enjoying the business waste collection services from Lili Waste.

Free bins for our customers: Whatever bin your business requires. From a 360 litre wheelie bin to 1100 litre containers, our customers enjoy free bins when joining our group of happy customers.

Industry leading customer service: Any time one of our customers has a question that requires our attention they are supported by a dedicated team of professionals who always make sure the customer is being supported until maximum satisfaction is achieved. That satisfied smile is what they’re after!

Receive your bins the next day: When new customers sign up at Lili Waste before 4pm or when existing customers apply for extra bins we make sure they arrive the next day! We know your waste doesn’t wait and we value your time, hence we deliver the bins to your doorstep the next day!

Lowest rates in the industry: All the previous named benefits come at the lowest rates in the industry. Starting at £7 per bin our rates will be best you have ever seen! Welcome to the Lili Experience.

See it for yourself and request your free quote today at or call our sales team at 0800 1777 676.

Lili Waste: making waste management better in Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent.