How Lili Waste became UK’s Cheapest Waste Management Service.

When it comes to low rates for waste management services we are proud to take that spot and offer the lowest in the market. Lili Waste Service is officially UK’s cheapest waste management service with rates as low as £ 7 per bin!

With these low rates, you do not only get a free bin. You will also enjoy the most reliable waste collections and customer service as well! We call it the Lili Experience and when Lili Waste Services was founded 3 years ago it where exactly these characteristics that formed the base of our company.

How it all started.

Lili Waste Services noticed there was a gap in the market for a new and efficient business waste service that is able to offer the lowest rates while maintaining the highest standards of customer service and reliability. Lili Waste literally wanted to make waste management better and before Lili started, these traits where mutually exclusive. Businesses could enjoy a low rate but often missed a good customer service experience and reliability or viceversa. Most business have been around for a long time and therefore have inefficient business practices and mostly rely on their long term client base. The market was stuck and inefficient with brokers everywhere and that needed a change.

Lili Waste Services took a different approach and started a new direct service company in Leeds, Sheffield and Hull. By operating our own bins, trucks and depots we are able to cut out the broker and streamline our service to reach maximum efficiency. Brokers typically charge a 20% fee for their services and by cutting that out Lili Waste Services already generated value for its customers.

Where else would you pay rates as low as £ 7 per bin? Do you get your bin the next day if your order before 4PM or receive a free collection if we miss one pick-up*? Only at Lili Waste Services!

Innovative Waste Management like never before.

The introduction of Lili Waste Services and the Lili Experience hasn’t gone unnoticed. In the last few years Lili Waste has been growing strong and recently expanded to Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent as well. We are proud that our growing customer base and success of the last years is a sign of our value and we are dedicated to keep improving waste management far into the future.

Are you excited too? Then don’t hesitate to request your FREE quote and see the difference for yourself. You can also use our innovative online ordering platform to build your own quote and order straight away!

Welcome to the Lili Experience.

Lili Waste: making waste management better in Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent.

*subject to terms and conditions.