How to reduce your general waste?

Almost all of our clients choose at least one General Waste bin and although we collect many glass, food and recycling bins each week as well. The general waste bin remains the most popular choice among our customers. Everyday thousands of kilos are collected and disposed in the most efficient and cost effective way, always aiming for zero landfill. But how can you reduce your general waste output so you can save a few pounds on your waste bill and help the environment too? In this blog we are going to give you a few useful tips.

  1. Avoid items and products that are individually packed. Instead, try to buy items that come in bulk containers and reuse those containers after they’re empty.
  2. Following the individually packed items you should also try to avoid products that are double packaged. Unfortunately, we see this happening many times. A container or multiple products are packed together and then each separate item is wrapped again. This is very inefficient and creating a lot of unnecessary general waste for your company.
  3. Compost your food and garden waste as much as possible. We discussed this tip in our guide about food waste reduction in restaurants as well. For the full list of our tips to reduce food waste please visit our blog:
  4. Go online: Reduce the amount of mail you receive. Although we life in 2017, we still receive a lot of unnecessary mail. Check if some of this mail can be avoided or maybe moved to online versions?
  5. Buy second hand. Whether it is a table you need for your business or any other type of product, see if you can get it second hand. Buying things second hand will save lots of pounds and it very environment and waste friendly.
  6. Purchase items such as soap, detergents or specific foods in concentrated form. This will not only save you packaging waste, it will save you space too!
  7. Choose for recycling. Nowadays there are environment friendly options for almost any product. Try to choose the recycled version next time you’re ordering something as it truly does make a difference for the environment and total waste output. Especially when it comes to paper or cardboard packages.
  8. Buy in bulk. Whenever, you can afford it and fits your usage, try to go for bulk orders. Bulk orders are normally much more waste friendly then smaller quantities. However, do try to avoid double packaging as much as possible.
  9. Whenever you purchase products, try to choose the products that are returnable, reusable, or refillable instead of single-use products.

We hope these tips will help you reducing your general waste over the coming weeks and months. If you have any questions or comments about how to reduce your waste output you can always reach out to our customer service department. If you are not a customer of Lili Waste and wish to join the Lili Experience of the lowest rates and best customer service too you may request your free quote at or call us at 0800 1777 676.

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