How to choose a good waste management service.

Waste management is one of those things that every business owner has to deal with. It’s certainly not something that most business owners enjoy thinking about but nonetheless having a good waste management service is of vital importance to all businesses. Just imagine how your business will look like if you have waste laying everywhere due to it not being collected or that you’re paying tens to hundreds of pounds to much every month. Soon, a good waste management company will become very important to you.

Ok, but what is good waste management company able to do? First of all, a good waste management company will save you money by charging a fair rate for your waste, will have reliable collections tailored to your needs and will have an outstanding customer service in case you have any questions or specific requests. Sounds great, but where do I need to look at when choosing a waste management company? No worries! In this post we will offer you a few handy tools in assessing which service is the best for you.

  1. Check several quotes: Although this may seem obvious, many times people don’t bother to look around. Try a few different suppliers and you will be amazed by the difference among a few of them.
  2. Avoid brokers: Sometimes it can be difficult to see if you are dealing with a direct service provider or with a broker but it can make a tremendous difference to deal with a direct service provider instead of a broker. The waste management industry is full of brokers and they all charge 15-20% commission for their services which you will be paying for in the end. It’s worth the effort to check if your preferred business waste company is a broker or a direct service provider as it will save you hundreds maybe even thousands of pounds over the duration of your contract. Adding to that you will never know who will be handling your waste when you’re dealing with a broker and hence it will be impossible to know if your actual waste handler is reliable or has a good customer service.
  3. Check for reviews: What do other people say about the business you’re intending to use and do these reviews seem legitimate? It can be worthwhile and very insightful to check these. Also, does the business has a Google listing? Are there any reviews on there?
  4. Check all the details of your contract: What’s the duration of your contract? How much will you be paying for additional waste? Are there any strange clauses? Again, these things can differ tremendously among suppliers and are very worthwhile investigating. Especially when you’re about to start an annual or multiyear contract.
  5. Does the waste management company fit you: Every company has specific business waste needs in terms of bin size, frequency of collections and types of waste collected. Is the company able to handle your requirements against low costs? Also, how does the communication feel with them? This is normally a good indicator to check how they will handle any future questions or queries. Are they helpful, fast and do they sound reliable?

As you can see these are a few helpful tools which you can use in assessing your perfect waste management company. We encourage people to do a bit of research as it can truly make a big difference and will make sure you can enjoy a good business waste collection service while you are focusing on your business. Good luck!

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