How glass can reduce your general waste output.

When you have business waste we know what to do with it. No company will handle your waste cheaper and with a better customer service than we do but it would be best off course to reduce the amount of waste you produce. Not only will it help saving the environment, it will save you some hard-earned pounds too! A few weeks ago, we already did a blog about Food Waste (, today we want to discuss the special case of glass. Glass cannot only reduce your general waste it also has special characteristics. Sounds interesting huh?! It is, so let’s go!

Glass will keep your foods fresh for much longer – When you need a product to store food or leftovers there is only one true winner. Glass. According to many studies, glass is the best choice when you want to maintain the quality of your food. Glass has an almost zero rate of chemical interactions, ensuring that the products inside a glass bottle keep their strength, aroma, and flavor. Wow!

You can reuse glass in many different ways – When you bought a product or food or anything else that came in a glass bottle or jar there are almost endless possibilities on how to reuse that jar after you used it. In no way you need to throw it away.

For example, you can use them in your garden as:

  • Flower pots
  • Receptables for growing plants
  • Birdfeeders
  • Citronella lanterns

Need more inspiration to reuse your glass jars? Check out these links:

We can recycle glass until eternity – Glass is 100% recyclable without loss in quality or purity. That’s because glass is made of natural products such as sand, soda ash and limestone. Because glass is made of natural products the amount of glass that’s being recycled exactly equates the mount of natural resources saved. So 1 ton of recycled glass has saved 1 ton of natural resources, isn’t that great! When glass is being recycled around 80% ends up in new jars, bottles and fiberglass. The remaining 20% is used for many different things such as:

  • Countertops and flooring
  • Tile and other decorative items
  • Abrasives
  • Concrete pavements and parking lots
  • Brick manufacture
  • Reflective paint for highways

Did you know:

  • That a glass jar or container can go from a recycling bin to a store shelf in less than 30 days!
  • That around 80% of all waste produced by bars is glass waste.
  • Recycling over 1000 tons of glass creates around 8 jobs.
  • Glass bottles have been reduced in weight by approximately 40% in the last 30 years.

We recently did a blog about our improved glass waste service in Hull ( However, if you want your glass waste to be handled with the best care and for the lowest rates in Leeds, Sheffield, Southampton, Portsmouth or Kent don't forget to ask your FREE quote.  Welcome to the Lili Experience!