How Lili is making Waste Management Better.

Each week we have many new customers getting part of the Lili Experience. Low rates and the best customers service is our mantra and that seems to be a good recipe to make people smile. Across Leeds, Hull, Sheffield, Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent our representatives are always on the go to visit current and prospective customers and share the Lili Experience. When we say we are making Waste Management better we mean that and in this blog, we will tell you how.

Direct Service Provider – We operate our own trucks and bins and have our own waste depots in Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Portsmouth, Southampton and Kent. We are not a broker and therefore we are able to offer the lowest rates while maintaining the highest levels of customer service. Our supply chain has been developed with efficiency and customer satisfaction in mind and our clients enjoy the difference. We call it the Lili Experience and work on it every day!

We know the area – Being a direct service provider has even more advantages. We know our area’s as good as we know our bins. Every alley, corner or street. We know how to get there and get there fast. So, when we make a promise about collection times or bin deliveries you can bet we will be there as promised!

A bin for every type of business – Every business is different and every business has it’s own waste management needs. Are you only producing a bit of general waste? Then have a look at our 240 or 360 litre wheelie bins. Is your waste appetite a bit bigger, then you might be interested in our 660l or 1100l containers. Are you the king of waste then you may decide to use one of our big skips as well. We recently made a blog about our bins and their dimensions which you may find here:

Extremely fast bin delivery times – Order your bin before 4pm and you will have your bin delivered the next day! That’s right. We know your waste won’t wait and that nobody likes to have a messy backyard, hence we improved our service so you can have your bin as soon as possible!

Low rates – Did we already mention we have the lowest rates in the market? I’ll just say it again as it’s truly something we are proud of. You can test us to it and request your own FREE quote, no strings attached off course:

Order online – We recently developed a brand new online ordering system which allows you to build your own quote and order your bins straight away! In less than 2 minutes you can have ordered your bins for the lowest rates in the market and if you’ve done it before 4pm you will have your bin(s) the next day! See it for yourself and try our online system here:

Always ready to help – Do you have a question? Is there something you need to change? Do you need a different type of bin? Whatever your question is, we are here to help and only a phone call away. Our customer service team will be waiting for you and make sure all your questions will be answered and handled with utmost care. Welcome to the Lili Experience!

Lili Waste: Making Waste Management better in Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent.