Which bins do we have and what are their sizes?

When you sign up at Lili Waste to enjoy the lowest rates and best customer service for your Business Waste you have the ability to choose various bins for your waste. In this blog we’ll tell you a bit about the bins we provide as well as the types of waste they handle and their specific dimension so you can be sure it will fit on your premises.

Our Bins

240 litre bin: The 240 litre wheelie bin is our smallest bin and considered as the standard wheelie bin in the market. When ordering a 240 litre bin you can choose to either use it for Glass Waste only, General Waste or Dry Mixed Recycling.

Depth: 73 cm, Width: 58 cm, Height: 106 cm

360 litre bin: The 360 litre wheelie bin is the bigger brother of the 240 version and hence can take a bit more waste. The 360 litre wheelie is only available in combination with General Waste or Dry Mixed Recycling.

Depth: 85 cm, Width: 62 cm, Height: 109 cm

660 litre bin: When your business produces a bit more waste you may want to consider using our 660 litre containers. These containers can be used with either General Waste or Dry Mixed Recycling Waste and offers a good alternative if the 360 litre bin is a bit too small.

Depth: 78 cm, Width: 126 cm, Height: 125 cm

1100 litre bin: Our largest container is the 1100 litre version. This container will most likely handle all your general or dry mixed recycling needs and hence is the most popular container used among our clients.

Depth: 108 cm, Width: 137 cm, Height: 140 cm


Dry Mixed Recycling can handle the following types of waste: Paper, Cardboard, Metal cans, Plastic.

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