Lili Waste introduces domestic waste collection for Southampton and Tunbridge Wells.

Lili waste is continuing to make waste management better and is now addressing the domestic market too! We are very excited to announce that we successfully created a domestic waste collection service that enables households in the Southampton and Tunbridge Wells area to have their waste collected and recycled, the Lili way! The innovation followed the local council’s decision to move to fortnightly collections.

Ian, the sales manager of Lili Waste is excited too and very keen in sharing the Lili experience with domestic clients.

“We have recently rolled out a fortnightly domestic waste collection to the public in Southampton and Tunbridge Wells to coincide with the council’s decision to move to fortnightly collections.  This service will enable domestic customers to continue with their weekly waste collections by having Lili Waste provide a service on alternate weeks to the council.  I think this is a great service that we are offering and can only see this growing into other areas. I also think that this will help with the probable increase in fly tipping, due to the amount of waste being produced and the reduction in collections.”

After a careful process of designing this new service, Lili successfully delivered it's first bins to new customers in the Tunbridge wells area. The new customers -now part of the Lili experience-  where smiling when they received their free bin, knowing that all their waste would be recycled and their domestic waste concerns belong to the past.

Before offering this service, it was very important to be able to offer the same high level of customer service that we give to business waste clients as well. Lili acknowledges that domestic waste customers have different needs in terms of bin size, types of waste and collection times and therefore made sure these distinctive traits are being addressed in the most efficient and satisfactory way.

Starting at just 70p a day, the new domestic waste service is gaining interest from the local community quickly. If you’re interested too, please do not hesitate to give our local sales team a call at 0800 1777 676 or send an email to and receive your free quote. Your free quote comes without any obligations. No strings attached. Please note, our new domestic waste service will provide you with a free Lili Bin. We will not empty the council’s bin

For now we would like to thank all our new domestic waste clients for joining the Lili experience and hope to welcome you as well.

Lili Waste, making waste management better.