Lili Waste successfully expanded to Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent making Waste Management better there too.

Over the last few months Lili Waste services has worked hard behind the scenes in expanding her services to Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent. Initially, Lili Waste was improving waste management in the Leeds, Hull and Sheffield area but recently made a significant investment in the Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent areas as well, and we’re very excited about it!

With the expansion of Lili Waste we welcome our new Sales Manager, Ian Lewis-Johnson.

Ian has years of experience in the Waste Management industry and is eager to further develop and spread the Lili experience of innovative Waste Management solutions and excellent customer care to new and existing customers.

“Joining Lili Waste Services Ltd has proven to be an exciting time for me. Lili Waste is a company that shows complete commitment to providing a service that reduces the amount of waste that is going to landfill across the country at this present time. Businesses in the area have welcomed the fresh approach to waste management and the local personal service offered by Lili Waste Services.

I can see that Lili Waste will continue to grow, introducing new innovative ideas that will reduce waste to landfill and also add value to customers and their communities. Providing an excellent and personal service to all of its customers. I only see exiting times ahead and am thrilled to be part of such a customer focus company.”

Besides Ian, Lili Waste also welcomes our new sales representatives who will be ready to handle all your sales questions faster than you can say the word ‘bin’.

Georgie Thompson for the Southampton area.

Richard Northey covering the Portsmouth area.

Louise Godden for the West Kent area.

Sharon Everard handling the East Kent area.

Steve Webster for the Leeds area.

Our new waste depots won’t be doing much without trucks so we’re very happy with the acquisition of 5 new trucks as well. Trucks need drivers too off course so here we welcome them. Say hello, when you see them passing by.

Richard covering the Southampton and Portsmouth area.

Martin driving along the Kent area.

Tim for the Kent area as well.

As Ian already indicated we are all very excited about our recent expansion to the Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent area and about introducing the Lili Experience there as well.

If you have a business in the area of Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Southampton, Portsmouth or Kent and interested about how we can lower your costs while improving your customer service experience and commercial waste handling. Please send an email to or give our sales team a call on 0800 1777 676. You will receive your free quote asap and we will be delighted to answer any question. No strings attached off course.

Lili Waste Services. Making Waste Management better.