The Zero Waste Wedding

Perhaps for friends of Nick Kordesch, it came as no surprise when they received their hand-written invitations to an ‘eco-friendly, waste-free wedding’. That is, if they knew he was the sustainability coordinator at San Francisco State University. Marrying Hazel Perry, the couple declared their’s the “Zero Waste Wedding”.

The venue for the newlyweds reception, The Brower Center, requires that all events are sustainable - with only local food and drink to be served at any gathering held there. Neither does the Center allow any waste to be left behind - everything must be composted, recycled or packed out.

And you can forget having a separate glass for cocktails, champagne and water too. At Nick and Hazel’s wedding, you get just the one reusable, personalized mason jar to use for all three. Meanwhile, your meal would have been served on a plate made from compostable bamboo.

With not a single plastic bag or plastic wrapping in sight, the couple have been widely praised for the lengths they went to in creating a wedding which represents a life that many argue we should all follow.

It’s not just Nick and Hazel who’ve thrown a bin-free wedding either. Over here in the UK, a couple from Durham managed to spend under £3,000 on their very own waste-free occasion. Bride Kim and Groom Dan made sure that they didn’t waste a “single thing” - making the effort to see that “everything had been recycled in some way.”

Kim and Dan managed to team up with the Real Junk Food Project, an organization that creates meals from food past its sell by date - all products which would have otherwise been thrown away by supermarkets and bakeries, with a delicious meal enjoyed by all of the couple’s wedding guests.