Feeding the 5,000 With Food Waste

An enormous proportion of the $162 billion worth of food unduly thrown away in America each year is in fact ripe for consumption, despite its final destination of, more often than not, a landfill site.

With this staggering quantity in fact enough to fill 44 skyscrapers in their entirety, celebrity chef José Andrés and his team took it upon themselves to prove just how unnecessary such waste has become.

Including eggplants, carrots and squashes which were all simply of too high a standard to end up in the clutches of landfill, they set about creating a gigantic paella dish - the final portion being a remarkable 7-foot wide concoction.

The special dish was created as part of Feeding The 5000, a giant, open-air free lunch staged in an outdoor plaza in Washington, which also saw a vegetable curry, made using 2,000 pounds worth of otherwise wasted food, included in the offerings.

The event was organised by Feedback Global, an organisation which seeks to tackle an issue which is beginning to gather the attention it undoubtedly deserves.


Image: © Morgan McCloy/NPR