The World's First Food Waste Supermarket


A Danish charity has opened the World’s very first supermarket to consist entirely of surplus stock.

WeFood, which has the core aim of catering to low-income shoppers and cutting down on the nation’s alarming food waste levels, represents a pioneering move, seeking to reduce the 700,000 tonnes of food and drink thrown away in Denmark each year.

The Copenhagen store offers customers the chance to purchase their groceries at a discounted price too, with their products setting people back up to 50% less than rival outlets.

Per Bjerre, from the NGO behind the initiative, commented: "WeFood is the first supermarket of its kind in Denmark and perhaps the world.

“Many people see this as a positive and politically correct way to approach the issue."

The supermarket has also successfully struck a lucrative deal with Føtex, one of Denmark’s most prominent chains, to secure a regular supply of surplus bread and other products.

This initiative follows the new law in France, which puts a stop to supermarkets throwing away unspoiled food, seeking to match the impressive 25% reduction in food waste which Denmark has achieved over the last five years.

With a staggering 7 Million tonnes of food and drink wasted in the UK every year, ten times that of Denmark, surely it’s time the UK’s supermarkets started passing on their surplus stock to a low-price alternative?