Welcome: Hannah Lerman

At Lili Waste, we think it’s important all of our staff understand every aspect of waste management and, quite often, it’s a bit of an eye opener.

Our new Customer Services Manager, Hannah Lerman, has just finished a week of the early shift. As Lili’s newest recruit, she set her alarm clock for 3am and joined Nigel on the lorries as he completed his rounds.

In Hannah’s own words: “I got really stuck in and, I can tell you now, collecting bins is not an easy job at all. The lorry is a lot higher than it looks so just climbing in and out is a challenge in itself. I’m the sort of person that needs a coffee in the morning but I really enjoyed it and I definitely want to go out again.”

And it seems Hannah is particularly fond of the high vis jackets and other safety gear all of our team have to wear - as you can tell by this selfie....