Lili Waste MD: Let’s clean-up this city

Lili Waste, a Hull-based independent waste management company, has backed a call to ‘spruce up the city’ after offering to support a local man who complained about the amount of fly-tipping rubbish dumped in his street - labelled the ‘scruffiest street in Hull’.

Matt Miles: MD of Lili Waste

Matt Miles: MD of Lili Waste

Dale Forsyth, 28, said he had reached ‘the point of desperation’ after the state of the alleyway behind his home in Folkestone Street, off Beverley Road had been allowed to build up in the back alley over the past couple of months.

Now, Lili Waste are offering to clean up the area as a goodwill gesture, and are calling upon ‘the great and the good’ to come up with a collective plan that will spruce up the streets, target well-known ‘grot spots’, and give visitors to the city a sparkling welcome.

MD of Lili Waste, Matt Miles, said:

“Obviously, we are a commercial business, but exceptional cases need exceptional responses, and we are delighted to help the local community on occasions like this. I really feel that this will be an increasingly critical issue for Hull in the next few years and we need to start looking at ways as a city to get on top of this soon.

“People are viewing the city in a different way, and we will really come under the spotlight as the UK City of Culture approaches. Hull’s Angels showed how businesses can join together to win that event, we now need a bit more of that collective responsibility to clear unsightly areas blighted by fly tippers, litter-strewn alleyways, scruffy shop fronts and grubby grot spots. I would like to think that the local media, council, businesses and the public at large would support this.”

Matt Miles said he would be happy to speak to anyone within the city to help get things off the ground:

“It was really inspiring to watch how Yorkshire towns and cities embraced the Tour de France. They’re still seeing the lasting economic benefit of giving such a positive impression of their region to an international audience. Soon it will be our turn as one of the UK’s biggest cultural events arrives on our doorstep. It’s absolutely vital that we get into good habits fast and ensure that people go away with a fantastic impression of our region.”

Lili Waste is an independent business waste management service, specifically created to meet the needs of local businesses and organisations. With 20 years’ experience in the field of waste, they cater for the industrial, commercial and retail sectors.

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