Lili Waste introduces ‘pay as you weigh’ to the region

Lili Waste, a Leeds-based independent waste management company, has introduced an innovative pay-as-you weigh scheme, as part of its plan to encourage ‘zero-waste to landfill’ in the area - by only charging for what is actually thrown away.

The waste management company, which opened a brand new site and base of operations in Morley in May, investing £500k in two new state of the art trucks, is now rolling out the ‘transformational’ scheme throughout  Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield, Otley and Ilkley.

Matt Miles, owner and managing director of Lili Waste, regards this as the next step in a long-term plan for a more ‘ethical and business-smart’ approach to waste: 

“I’m pleased to be introducing this to the area. It’s the kind of proposition we like, as it will benefit local business and the environment.

“The charging method for waste collection is based on the weight of waste collected. You therefore only pay for the amount of waste you generate. So it pays to think about what you’re throwing away.”

The MD, whose company provides waste management consultation, tailored waste collections, recycling services and advice on UK waste regulations, believes this approach can be a ’tipping point’ in people’s attitude to achieving ‘zero waste’. He said:

“This addition to our range of recycling services, is a further step towards achieving our Zero Waste to Landfill directive.”

"We believe there is a real gap in the market for a personalised service that encourages people to think about what they are throwing away in a way that is beneficial to their business. 

"Lili Waste will compete on price with the national players in the market, while ensuring the best waste and recycling options for both the commercial and public sectors.

“This is a service with regular collections that just so happens to  utilise the very latest on-board weighing and tracking technology and we look forward to working alongside the people and businesses of West Yorkshire to the benefit of everyone.”

Lili Waste is an independent business waste management service, specifically created to meet the needs of local businesses and organisations. With 20 years’ experience in the field of waste, they cater for the industrial, commercial and retail sectors.

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