Why Are We Wasting Food?

Over the last few years, more and more awareness and research has come to light around methane and the immense danger of allowing this and other toxic greenhouse gasses to be released into the environment. Food waste releases higher levels of methane than many other types of waste, so it is imperative that we combat the issue, yet it seems to be getting worse and it is totally avoidable.

A recent study indicates that across the European Union we are wasting food totalling a whopping 22 million tons every single year and the UK is the worst offender, throwing away 153kg of food per year in contrast with Romania, where the equivalent of a single apple per person per day is discarded. This disparity shows that we are throwing away far more food than is necessary and we need to make changes to combat this growing issue.

Recently, Lili Waste Services have told you about what your company can do to reduce its food waste and there are also some delicious food scrap recipes available – both of these things can be utilised in the house as well as industry so clearly there is a lot that we as a nation can and should be doing.

When we’re busy leading our hectic lives and doing our important jobs, it can be tempting and easy to just chuck food waste into the general waste bins, but the consequences of doing so are that you are essentially burning money in the additional costs of your waste collection companies because of landfill taxes and you are also causing harm to the environment with the delicate balance of our planet’s system being put under a lot of strain and causing potentially catastrophic impacts for future generations.

Lili Waste Services can help you with tailored advice and waste management services which will save your company money as well as ensuring that as little waste as possible is being sent to landfill. We believe in a zero waste to landfill future, but in order for that to happen we need to be working together to make simple changes with huge positive results.

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