Do We Need New Waste Management Laws in the UK?

The UK’s waste statistics are not looking as green as the 2010 government had pledged and with the 2020 deadline looming for government’s 50% recycling rate England in particular is looking to fall quite far short of this goal. Why is this and can more be done by way of legislation to encourage better waste management habits in business? Do we need new waste management laws to help us reach the target?

Business Secretary Sajid Javid has recently made the announcement that he will cut red tape surrounding business waste, which would in turn result in an estimated £10 billion saving in regulatory costs over a 5 year period. What does this mean for businesses? Well the plans will give waste management companies such as Lili Waste Management more of a voice to say which government legislations are holding us back from being as effective and environmentally friendly as we possibly can be. The result of this, hopefully, would be that reduced red tape would lead to a greater freedom for waste management companies to embrace new ideas and technologies which would reduce the amount of waste going to landfill and instead redirect refuse into recycling plants or other greener solutions. We would then be passing the savings on to our customers of reduced landfill taxes and other measures which currently cost a lot of money.

The government’s Cutting Red Tape Review is a fantastic opportunity for industry workers to have their say and we really do encourage people to put their thoughts and ideas forward because change can only happen if we say what we feel actually needs changing.

There are suggestions being spoken about within the industry, including fines for companies who put recyclable products into general waste, as well as tax breaks for businesses to set up adequate services and provisions on their premises. There are so many opportunities for companies to reuse and recycle all sorts of previously-discarded materials, so the options are there for improving your business’ waste management plan and we are here to hep you do so.

We can help you with waste audits, improved waste management plans and cost-effective services which are tailored to the needs of your business, so call us today and see how we can help you save money and do more for the world in which we live.

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