Frequently Asked Questions

Customer Service

If we do not collect at the prescribed times – and waste builds up will we take the loose waste ?

We will endeavour to collect all waste on our re-scheduled visit and charge accordingly. This will need to be pre agreed for us to take all extra waste, with our office. Please let us know if you would like this facility activating on your account.

If this is not activated on your account, our drivers will be instructed not to take any extra loose waste.

If we attend site to clear extra waste but it is out of hours and nobody is on site to re load the bin for the driver

Our driver will remove all extra waste as long as this is placed in sacks next to the full bins, he will re fill the bin following the empty and then re lift the bin with the loose waste, and charge accordingly. This will depend on amount of extra waste and time taken to re load the bin.

What is "un containerised waste." ?

Un containerised waste is waste that is not in a container, and is extra to the normal waste placed in the container on site.

How much will the extra loose waste cost – will it be a full bin lift amount even if only a couple of bags?

Extra loose waste placed into the bin following an empty, then a further lift price will be charge for the bin with loose waste in , if we have been instructed to do collection of the extra waste.


How Does the Invoicing Process Work & How is my Up Front Fee Allocated?

Standard invoicing is charged as collections in advance and overweight’s in arrears.

When you initially sign a contract with us we will ask you to pay for the first 4 collections up front, additionally at the end of that month you will receive an invoice to bring you into line with our invoicing schedule. For example if you sign a contract on 19th September 2018, for collections on a Friday, we will ask you to pay up front for 21st Sep, 28th Sep, 5th Oct & 12th Oct. At the end of September you will receive invoices from us for September collections (which you will have already paid for), Oct collections (which you have already paid 2 collections for) and November collections. This will then bring you into line with our in advance charging system. At the end of October you will receive invoices for December collections and October overweight’s and so on.

Why do I receive two invoices every month ?

The invoices are split by:

Collection charges - this will list all of your collections for the invoicing period, this bill may vary from month to month as some months have more days than others so you may have an additional collection. For example if you have a weekly collection on a Monday, in January 2018 you would have received 5 collections and in February 2018 you would only have received 4 collections. Your collection charge is a set fee per collection that is agreed when your contract is signed.

Overweight charges – this will list any overweight charges for the invoicing period. Your bin will have a maximum weight allowance per bin that is agreed when your contract is signed. If you exceed this weight allowance, you will be charged a fee for every KG over your weight allowance.

Why am I charged for Over-weights?

Over-weight charges have become industry standard in waste collection over the last ten years. This is because waste collection companies are charged to dispose of waste based purely on the weight of the waste and not the volume. Each of our Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCV) have state of the art weighing equipment on them and it is legal requirement for us to have these tested annually. Each RCV is then awarded a Calibration Certificate which is governed by the International Bureau of Weights and Measures. If you would like to have a copy of any of our calibration certificates please call our head office.