6 reasons to choose Lili Waste for your Business Waste.

When it comes to choosing your business waste disposal service there’re many factors that play a role. Nowadays it looks like business waste companies are everywhere and that may make it difficult for businesses to choose the right service. However, don’t worry as we have made a small list on how Lili Waste distinct’ itself from the crowd and why choosing Lili Waste as your Business Waste Disposal Service is a very good idea. You see, things already get a lot easier!

1.       Direct service provider – We are a direct service provider. That means when you sign a business waste disposal contract with us, we will be the one collecting your waste as well. We own our own business waste depots in Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent and operate our own trucks and bins as well. Nowadays there are many brokers in the market which is causing a lack of transparency, increased rates due to hidden broker fees and virtually no customer care. Lili Waste was designed from the beginning to be a direct service provider and to offer a trustworthy, reliable and transparent service to the market. Lili Waste is really making Waste Management better and we proudly call it the Lili Experience.

2.       Lowest rates – Because we are a direct service provider, operating our own trucks and depots we are truly able to offer the lowest rates. There is no ‘middle-man’ when doing business with us and thus we charge a fee that is fair for the services we offer and lower than our competitors due to the lack of hidden broker fees and a very efficient supply chain. However, don’t trust us on our word. See it for yourself and request a free quote at sales@liliwaste.co.uk. No strings attached. You can compare our quote with that of other suppliers and will be amazed by the difference. Welcome to the Lili Experience!

3.       Exceptional Customer Care – We believe that offering the lowest rates and best customer care are not mutually exclusive. This goes back again to our core business model of being a direct service provider. We have full control over the whole business waste supply chain and hence can offer an exceptional customer care experience. Every day we do thousands of collections and have a 99%+ success rate. In those few circumstances in which something unexpectedly didn’t go as planned we always have our Customer Service team standby to handle any question, comment or complaint and they are not satisfied until you are satisfied. With our recent expansion to Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent we acquired a new Customer Service manager as well to keep our service level as high as possible. You may read more about that in this blog: http://www.liliwaste.co.uk/news/2017/6/5/say-hi-to-our-new-customer-service-manager. Kim Cox is – next to Jade Kennedy – an absolute star when it comes to handling Customer Service queries and we’re very happy to have her onboard.

4.       Receive your bin the next day – That’s right. When you sign your business waste contract with us before 1600 you will receive your free bin the next day! We know your time is valuable and we also know that waste doesn’t wait. As of this we will make sure you will have your bin as soon as possible the next day so you can see what the Lili Experience is truly about.

5.       Get one month of FREE collections if we miss one pick up – We know that reliability is one of the most important factors for businesses when it comes to business waste collections. Nobody wants to have full containers in the back of their business causing unpleasant smells and attracting rats and other animals. Lili Waste prides itself on being one of the most reliable business waste collection services in the market and to prove this bold statement we offer a month of free collections if we miss one pickup*.

6.       We always aim for Zero Landfill – We all have a responsibility for a cleaner future and Lili Waste is therefore committed to aim for zero landfill when it’s processing your business waste. We will recycle all your waste and when it comes to tips and tricks on how to reduce your own business waste and thereby not only saving the environment but money as well we suggest you keep a close eye on our blogs as we frequently share tips on how to do that.

Here you have it. 6 reasons for why you should choose us. As said earlier. We rather show you our value instead of talking about it. We suggest you put us to the test and request your free quote at sales@liliwaste.co.uk or give us a call at 0800 1777 676. Welcome to the Lili Experience.


Lili Waste. Making waste management better in Leeds, Sheffield, Hull, Southampton, Portsmouth and Kent.

*Subject to terms & conditions.